Celebrating 25 Years of Tax Excellence

IOTA was established on 30th October 1996 in the 3rd Conference of Central and Eastern European and Baltic Countries’ Tax Administrations held in Warsaw. The setting up of the Organisation took place in December, with the launching of the Secretariat and the nomination of the first President and Executive Secretary. The creation of the Charter of IOTA and the formation of the Executive Council, one of the main decision making bodies of the organisation, were among the milestones that eventually paved the way for the organisation of the annual work programme. The Secretariat became operational as of 1st March 1997, with 7 founding members.

At the 1st General Assembly (29th September – 2nd October 1997) the Seat Agreement was signed between IOTA and the Government of the Republic of Hungary. The first Executive Secretary of IOTA was Mr. Jacques Carre from the French Tax Administration.

In the past years, IOTA has significantly widened its membership and its international activity. IOTA has 44 full members and 1 associate member today. IOTA has developed cooperation with various international organisations which provide technical assistance to tax administrations worldwide. Memoranda of Understanding have been signed with CIAT, the European Commission and OECD. IOTA is also developing its own Technical Assistance service.

Just like other organisations worldwide, IOTA has also gone through significant digitalisation over the past years, hosting a large portion of its events completely in the online space. We are eager to see what further opportunities the future will bring us and we look forward to continuing our cooperation with our members and partners.

What does IOTA mean to You?



The Membership is the heart and soul of IOTA. From interns and tax experts to Director Generals and our PCPs, we wanted to hear what IOTA really means to them. As we celebrate 25 years of tax excellence, we have gathered some of the best memories and experiences our members have shared with us from their journey with IOTA over the past 25 years.

How has IOTA helped you and/or your organisation during the past 25 years?

What is your most memorable IOTA moment from the past 25 years?