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Member countries shared their experience at the Workshop on introduction of online invoicing

An IOTA Workshop on „Introduction of online invoicing – Experiences of IOTA member tax authorities” was organised in Budapest in partnership with the Hungarian National Tax and Customs...

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New Director General at the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

The Government of Republic of Slovenia appointed Peter Jenko as Director General of the Financial Administration on 27 November 2019. 


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New Acting Director in the State Tax Service of the Republic of Moldova

Ludmila Botnari has been appointed as Acting Director of the State Tax Service of the Republic of Moldova starting with November 19, 2019, following the appointment of Mr. Serghei PUȘCUȚA...

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International conference on IT and HR aspects of digital transformation

„Common Challenges, Smart Solutions – Digital...

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A Tax Compliance Technology Showroom complemented the IOTA Annual International Conference this year

The 2019 IOTA Annual International Conference was hosted by the Georgia Revenue Service on 16-17 October in Tbilisi, Georgia. This year a Tax Compliance...

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IMF conference invitation: Medium Term Revenue Strategy — Building more effective tax systems

The high-level conference on "Medium-Term Revenue Strategy (MTRS)—Building More Effective Tax Systems”, jointly organised by the IMF, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, and the World Bank...

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Azerbaijan hosted the 5th Regional Meeting on BEPS for Eurasian Countries

On 8-10 October 2019, the 5th Regional Meeting of the Inclusive Framework on BEPS for Eurasian Countries took place in Baku, hosted by the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan...

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IOTA Workshop on implementing proactive business transformation strategies

An IOTA Workshop on „Implementing proactive business transformation strategies in tax administrations” was organised by the IOTA Secretariat in Budapest, Hungary on 8-10 October 2019. Over...

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The new issue of IOTA Book is out now

The latest issue of the IOTA Book gathers the most interesting topics and speaches presented on the 23rd General Assembly of IOTA in July. This year the theme was HR transformation. Are HR...

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IOTA Forum explores data-driven approaches to debt collection and recovery

The data-driven debt collection and recovery was the main theme of the first meeting of the IOTA Forum on Tax Debt Management hosted by the Financial...

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