23rd General Assembly of IOTA: Are Tax Administrations Ready for the Tax Official of Tomorrow?

02/07/2019 to 04/07/2019
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This year we will discuss how tax administrations are changing human resources policies in shaping a tax administration of the future. Come and join us for redefining the profile of the tax official, discuss new behaviour, the visionary workforce, mobility and staff management and many more issues.



23rd IOTA General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium, on 2-4th July, 2019

Are Tax Administrations Ready for the Tax Official of Tomorrow?

According to data from International Survey on Revenue Administration (ISORA) and IOTA Tax Administration Platform (TIP) for 2014/2015, over 650 000 tax officials are working in the 44 IOTA members tax  administrations. The pressure placed on tax administrations to raise more revenue and increase the level of service to the taxpayers is felt all along the command chain, and the success of an organisation is depending on the efficiency and effectiveness of its staff.

The 23rd General Assembly of IOTA in 2019 will focus on the challenges of finding, keeping and managing tomorrow’s tax employees and will explore the key trends that are driving the future of human resources in tax administrations and beyond.

We will discuss how tax administrations can be an attractive employers and successfully compete for the best people to develop and execute new tax technology in this modern, digital era. Commissioners of tax administrations and leaders in human resources from all across IOTA membership will try to find the answers to these questions:

  • How to attract the most talented and skilled staff to ensure the functioning of a modern tax administration? How to keep them on board?
  • What new set of skills - from soft skills to leadership - is established for tax officials? How to identify and tackle the skills gap?
  • How to ensure the transmission of knowledge, know-how and service and institutional culture inside the tax administration?
  • What sort of working modalities (e.g. flexible, agile, collaborative, etc.) can be implemented in a 21st century tax administration?
  • How to select the best leaders? Should they come from outside the tax administration or be selected from inside on basis of proven merit? What is required to be a leader of a tax administration?

It is said that the future is not a place we go to, but one which we create. IOTA General Assembly will offer the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences about the role of human resources in shaping a tax administration of the future.