Past events

5 Jun. Hungary
The Steering group will conduct a virtual meeting to prepare HRM Forum and related activities in 2020.
The Steering group will discuss the format, agenda, and follow-up activities of the HRM Forum in 2020 as well as Mandate of the Forum for the 2021-2022 period.
15 Apr. to 17 Apr.
Budapest, Hungary
The event will provide an opportunity for IOTA tax administrations to present, share experience and identify best practices regarding tax treatment of cryptocurrencies
2 Apr.
Everything the newly appointed PCPs or shadow PCPs need to know about their role in IOTA
The webinar is primarily targeted to the newly appointed PCPs in IOTA member tax administrations. It will offer attendees the unique opportunity to learn more deeply about IOTA.
24 Mar. to 26 Mar.
The Steering Group will discuss activities of the IOTA Tax Debt Management Forum planned for 2020
The Steering Group will discuss activities of the IOTA Tax Debt Management Forum planned for 2020
19 Mar. Hungary
This year the key focus of the Forum will on the issues associated with the mid-term review of IOTA Strategy.
24 Feb. to 26 Feb.
Budapest, Hungary
19 Feb. to 20 Feb.
Budapest, Hungary
4 Feb. to 5 Feb.
Zurich, Switzerland
20 Jan. to 21 Jan.
Budapest, Hungary
Subgroup members will review the procedure for the preparation and delivery of the annual Work Programme, implementation of IOTA projects and functioning of the online technical enquiry service.
16 Jan. to 17 Jan.
Budapest, Hungary
14 Jan. to 16 Jan.
The Steering Group assists the IOTA Secretariat preparing BEPS Forum meetings and monitors the work of the Forum
The Steering Group (BEPS experts from IOTA members and the OECD, together with the IOTA Secretariat) acts as driving force, providing consultations on planning and co-ordination of the Forum work.
13 Jan. to 14 Jan.
Budapest, Hungary
( FO3_2019 )
10 Dec. to 12 Dec.
Budapest, Hungary
4 Dec. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
This webinar will discuss the latest developments and forward-looking solutions of staff learning and development
This webinar will provide IOTA members with some good ideas about the latest developments and forward-looking solutions for staff learning and development in IOTA tax administrations.
3 Dec. to 5 Dec.
Budapest, Hungary
The workshop will focus on operational experiences of different online invoicing systems implemented by IOTA member tax administrations.