Past events

13 Jan. to 14 Jan.
Budapest, Hungary
( FO3_2019 )
10 Dec. to 12 Dec.
Budapest, Hungary
4 Dec. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
This webinar will discuss the latest developments and forward-looking solutions of staff learning and development
This webinar will provide IOTA members with some good ideas about the latest developments and forward-looking solutions for staff learning and development in IOTA tax administrations.
3 Dec. to 5 Dec.
Budapest, Hungary
The workshop will focus on operational experiences of different online invoicing systems implemented by IOTA member tax administrations.
27 Nov.
Measuring and analyzing the tax gap and innovative ways to enhance tax compliance
The webinar focuses on how to measure and analyze the tax gap and how innovative ways of communication and cooperation with taxpayers can help facilitate and promote voluntary tax compliance
26 Nov. to 28 Nov.
Developing knowledge and practical experience in relation to (re)solving tax treaty-related disputes under the MAP
Joint OECD-IOTA case study workshop designed to develop knowledge and enhance the practical experience in relation to (re)solving tax treaty-related disputes under the MAP.
16 Oct. to 17 Oct.
Tbilisi, Georgia
14 Oct. to 18 Oct.
Budapest, Hungary
This workshop will focus on how developing countries can overcome a lack of comparables for transfer pricing purposes.
This workshop is a blended learning course, which combines a preliminary online training with a face-to-face event.
8 Oct. to 10 Oct.
Baku, Azerbaijan
The meeting will enable Eurasian countries to discuss the implementation of the BEPS package on a regional basis.
8 Oct. to 10 Oct.
Budapest, Hungary
This workshop will provide an overview of business transformation strategies implemented in IOTA tax administrations
1 Oct. to 3 Oct.
Prague, Czech Republic
Effective use of data for managing and collecting tax debts
The Forum meeting will address issues of data-driven tax debt management and will cover essential techniques and best practices for effective use of data from national and international sources
24 Sep. to 26 Sep.
Vilamoura, Portugal
2019 FORUM THEME: Strategy to prevent, detect and combat VAT fraud
10 Sep. to 11 Sep.
Budapest, Hungary
2 Jul. Brussels, Belgium
4 Jun. to 6 Jun.
Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Gaining a greater understanding of the BEPS implementation process and sharing experiences and solutions to counter BEPS
The Forum on Implementation of Measures to counter BEPS is an important platform to discuss and share strategies and the practical application of working methods and tools developed to counter BEPS.
29 May. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Enhancing digital channels as primary avenue for communicating with customers and delivering services
15 May. to 17 May.
Katowice, Poland
This event will explore the most recent developments in the domain of call centres in IOTA member tax administrations.
13 May. to 14 May.
Berlin, Germany
10 Apr. to 12 Apr.
Budapest, Hungary