Past events

30 May.

Next regional consultation on the developments on the Two-Pillar Solution to address the tax challenges of digitalisation

18 May. to 19 May.
Paris, France
11 May. to 12 May.
Sharing experiences and best-practice in measuring the tax gaps

This workshop aims to identify practical solutions for enhancing tax administrations' capacity in measuring tax gaps, with the final goal of improving their performance.

27 Apr. to 28 Apr.
20 Apr. to 21 Apr.
The workshop will share member experiences and strategies to improve and/or reduce unnecessary taxpayer touchpoints.

IOTA members will share their approaches to facilitate the development of better taxpayer touchpoints aiming for effortless taxpayer interaction with the tax administration.

6 Apr. to 7 Apr.
The first-ever hybrid IOTA PCP Forum. This event will be conducted in Budapest as well as virtually.

This year’s PCP Forum will focus on the forward look of the organization and return to the new normal after 2 years of a digital operation. 

23 Mar. to 24 Mar.
Exploring the newest IT tools in monitoring and investigating e-commerce and how to obtain, analyse and process data
3 Mar.
Members of IOTA Forum on Combating VAT Fraud will focus on activities and Project for year 2022
( PCPT1_2022 )
2 Mar.
This regular digital event is designed for PCPs and Shadow PCPs of IOTA.
26 Jan.
Addressing the Tax Challenges of Digitalisation

Updates on the progress made on the development of the measures under Pillar One and Two, as well as on the capacity-building and bespoke technical assistance programmes on digital matters.

19 Jan.

The Steering Group meeting will discuss the Forum's activities in 2022.

10 Dec.
This event is a part of the IOTA Strategy 2023-2027 preparation process.
7 Dec.

The workshop focuses on AI in the field of taxation, providing a better understanding of the process of development, implementation and use of AI by members.

29 Nov. to 30 Nov.
It will focus on how to collect data on cryptocurrency assets/transactions and compliance programme
( FO_TDM_2021 )
23 Nov. to 25 Nov.
Flatten-the-curve of tax debts - effective management of tax debts taking into account COVID-19 crisis

Flatten-the-curve of tax debts - strategies, working methods, obstacles and best practices on the effective management of tax debts taking into account COVID-19 crisis

18 Nov. to 19 Nov.
Sharing the latest information and experiences on BEPS implementation on a regional basis

This regional event brings together officials from Ministries of Finance and tax administrations to share their experiences on BEPS implementation and feed into the global dialogue.

16 Nov. to 17 Nov.
The Forum plans to discuss plans and approaches how to organise an optimal hybrid operation mode for the staff.

The third IOTA Human Resources Management Forum will focus on both: concepts and practical aspects of organising working environment in IOTA tax administrations