GDPR Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us and we take many measures to ensure that the data you provide is only used for the purposes for which it was submitted. During and in connection with the IOTA events and communications certain personal data will be processed by the organiser of the events (IOTA and host administration, together: the data controllers). Some of the personal data, such as your name, organisation, position, contact data, personal photo or video footage will be processed based on the legitimate interest of the organisers in order to make the events possible.

Your personal data may be shared with external contractors who help us in organising or supply services in connection with the events and therefore require to process your data. We will make sure that only the relevant information are shared and they will only use such data to fulfil their tasks in connection with IOTA events or communication channels (e.g. IOTA website, IOTA publications, etc.).

The data controllers and all involved data processors shall act in full compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You may also exercise all your rights arising from the GDPR.

The data controllers will also process additional personal data you provide (such as departure and arrival times, food allergies and other important information). The purpose of processing such data is to enhance your guest experience and/or safety while participating on the event.

By registering to the IOTA website or any events organised by IOTA you agree to the following:

During the event photos and/or video may be taken by IOTA/host administration commissioned photographers or related staff members for use internally and to promote our future events, including publishing photos on a website and print materials, or creating promotional videos.

You give your permission to IOTA/host administration to use your photo or video footage if taken, only for IOTA/host administration related usage (publications, webpage etc.)

The photos and videos will be stored on the data controllers’ protected servers until your consent is withdrawn.

(Please note that you may also be seen on mass photos taken at the event for which your consent shall not be required, including the publication of such images.)

You consent to have your name, photo, position and company name displayed in the delegate directory, webpage and IOTA mobile app for the events.

Delegates are invited to download the IOTA Events mobile app to view the agenda of the event, though leadership and to stay connected via interactive features such as polling and commenting. One of the features of the app is a directory listing delegates who are attending.

By giving your consent you agree to the publication of your personal data (name, organisation, position, telephone number, e-mail address, profile photo or video footage) within any IOTA related communication (IOTA website, IOTA Events app, publications etc). These data will be accessible to any registered user from IOTA member administrations. The data will be processed (stored) until you withdraw your consent.

For more information on the privacy policy of the data controllers please turn to us directly via e-mail ([email protected]).