IOTA Annual International Conference presentations

Mr. Miguel Silva Pinto, Executive Secretary Opening Address
Mr. Chris Jordan, Commissioner Australian Taxation Office: The ATO Reinvent Blueprint
Mr. Marko Myllyniemi, Director, Corporate Taxation Finnish Tax Administration: Customer Segmentation and the Change to Customer Oriented Management
Mr. Declan Rigney, Head of Planning Division, Revenue Ireland: Development and Implementation of a Customer Engagement Strategy in the Irish Revenue
Mr. Petter Haandlykken, Strategic Adviser Norwegian Tax Administration: Rethinking the Tax Collection Process in Norway
Mr. Daniil Egorov, Deputy Commissioner of FTS Russia: Involving Taxpayers in Developing Taxation Processes
Mr. Chas Roy-Chowdhury, Head of Taxation – Professional Insights ACCA, UK: Engagement with HMRC
Mr. Kors Kool, Senior Adviser OECD-CTPA: Involving Business and Intermediaries in Developing Good Taxation Processes
Mr. Soren Eikers, Senior Advisor Danish Tax Administration: From Crooks to Customers: The Danish Experience with Shifting Perspective on Taxpayers
Ms. Caroline Edery European Commission: Challenges to Tax Collection in the Early 21st Century – Emerging Patterns and Where to Look for Solutions
Mr. Clement Migai WU Vienna University of Economics and Business: A Changing Technological Landscape and the Impact on Tax Revenue Collection and Processes
Mr. David Regan, Global Managing Director Accenture Revenue Industry Group: Adapting European Revenue Administrations to meet the Challenges of Tomorrow
Mr. Mark Hammond-Giles, Technical & Policy Manager GE Global VAT/GST: European Business Perspectives on Good Tax Collection Processes
Ms. Mary Monfries PwC: Public Interest, Societal Expectations and Transparency – “the new normal” and its impact on effective tax systems
Ms. Dóra Júlia Makai, Deputy Head of Department National Tax and Customs Administration, Hungary: Change in the Approach of the NTCA to Support Compliance