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28th Forum of IOTA Principal Contact Persons

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The 28th Forum of IOTA Principal Contact Persons (PCPs) was held in digital format for the second time since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, where the focus of discussion this year was reimagining the post-pandemic IOTA that works for all Members. The Forum meeting took place 14th-15th April 2021 and welcomed over 50 participants.

The two-day event looked ahead into a post-pandemic world and facilitated presentations and discussions that can shape the future of IOTA. On the first day, members of the IOTA Secretariat gave presentations and facilitated group discussions on the following range of topics:

  • Future strategic directions and feedback from the evaluation of IOTA Strategy Implementation 2020
  • IOTA hybrid events – going from concept to reality
  • Update on IOTA’s Technical Inquiry Service
  • Update on the Financial Framework of IOTA


During the second day of the Forum meeting, the topics covered:

  • Next steps in the IOTA Peer-to-Peer technical assistance
  • Communications
  • Challenges and benefits of IOTA’s international cooperation initiatives


Participants of the Forum joined two group discussion sessions debating on the specific aspects of the IOTA work and communications in the post-pandemic period – benefits and challenges of the participation in the IOTA hybrid events, and further enhancements in IOTA Newsletter, development of Communication Resource Base, promoting written contributions to the IOTA Papers and News Items.

After a Q&A session between participants and the members of the IOTA Secretariat, the digital forum meeting closed by outlining main conclusions and next steps to be taken based on the work presented and discussed during the two days of the event.

The presentations, group discussion notes, and the event’s full recording are available for IOTA Principal Contact Persons on the event’s webpage