5th IOTA Talks for PCPs and Shadow PCPs

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The fifth edition of IOTA Talks took place on 13th October 2021. The aim of these virtual meetings between the IOTA secretariat and Principal Contact Persons (PCPs) and Shadow PCPs is to give a better understanding of decisions made by the Executive Council, provide the latest information about forthcoming events and other IOTA activities.

Following the 129th Executive Council meeting, members of the IOTA Secretariat, including Alix Perrignon de Troyes, Executive Secretary, Eugenijus Soldatkovas, Manager of the IOTA Work Programme, and Roman Bichevoy, Institutional Development Manager, presented the below topics:

  • Priorities of the Executive Council for the term 2021/2022
  • KPIs of the Executive Secretary for the term 2021/2022
  • Development of the new IOTA Strategy 2023-2027
  • Development of IOTA Code of Conduct
  • Update on Activities and International Cooperation
  • Calendar of Administrative Events in 2022


IOTA Talks aim to create more efficient and transparent communication within the organisation and provide a platform where PCPs from IOTA member tax administrations get a chance to ask questions or place comments in a more informal setting. Therefore, each presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

The full recording of the fifth IOTA Talks is available for IOTA Members and can be reached via the event page.