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Automation of Tax Debt Management Processes - IOTA Debt Management Area Group meeting

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The 12th meeting of IOTA Debt Management Area Group took place on 2-4 October 2018 in Athens, Greece. 38 participants discussed Automation of Tax Debt Management Processes. Area Group members also overviewed the development of the ongoing IOTA Project on “Knowledge database of international (crossborder) insolvency proceedings”. Participants also expressed their views on needs and expectations regarding the new IOTA Forum on Tax Debt Management to be established next year.

Since its establishment in 2012, the IOTA Debt Management Area Group amassed a significant knowledgebase of member’s best debt collection and recovery practices. The purpose of the meeting is to provide opportunity for participating tax administrations to share experience regarding the use of data and technology to drive collections at reduced costs, and to present examples of deploying best practices and tools in key areas such as: data gathering decision analytics automated involuntary enforcement self-service call management.

In this meeting of the IOTA Debt Management Area Group participants discussed how the automated debt management processes can streamline debt collection and reduce the recovery manual work, and provide debt management information for decision making. Area Group members also explored how the participating tax administrations address the issue of ongoing automation and the protection of rights which challenge the idea that a person can be a subject of an automated decision.

12th meeting of IOTA Debt Management Area Group was opened by the welcome address of Georgios Pitsilis, Governor of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR). Participants from Norway and Portugal presented their views on the future of the debt collection and recovery.

Delegates from Austria, Belgium and Estonia presented their experience in automation of payment arrangements and reminders. Some precautionary measures were presented by Greece, Spain and United Kingdom. Development of machine learning solutions for debt recovery was presented by Belgium. Update was given on IOTA Project on Knowledge database of cross-border insolvency proceedings (sponsored by Sweden) by Eugenijus Soldatkovas from IOTA Secretariat and by Anders Öbrink from Sweden. An overview was also presented on the OECD FTA project “Successful & innovative tax debt management”.

As from 2019 the existing IOTA Area Group on Debt Management will seize to operate and will be transformed into IOTA Forum on Tax Debt Management, the meeting also allowed participants to discuss their needs and expectations from the new Forum.

More information about the meeting, including all presentations, is available HERE for IOTA members.