BLOCKWALKS conference in Bratislava in October: the future of the public sector using blockchain technology

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The rapid growth of blockchain technology is set to play a key role in advancing the public sector over the coming years, as well as broader changes to our society as a whole. BLOCKWALKS has been organized to start an ongoing dialogue of how these changes can and will affect us and how these changes can be used for our good and progress.

BLOCKWALKS conference will take place at the exclusive venue of Bratislava Castle on 10th October 2018.

BLOCKWALKS is the first conference of its kind – focusing on the future of the public sector using blockchain technology. The event will consist of keynote speeches led by a selection of top worldwide blockchain experts and governmental representatives followed by panel discussions and professional networking among officials, investors, enthusiasts, exhibitors, educators, professors, professionals and developers.

It is a must event for tax administrations preparing for the future! Read more about the conference on its website.