Call Center of the Ministry of Taxes was successfully re-certified

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Call Center Department under the Ministry of Taxes was successfully re-certified for compliance with ISO 18295-1: 2017 as of December 4, 2018 by “Austrian Standards plus GmbH”.

The 195 Call Center was established in 2003 within the Ministry’s taxpayer service structures and began to operate in December of the same year. Until May 2006, the Call Center was only able to receive calls from Baku, but since then the service has been expanded to cover the whole territory of Azerbaijan.  

Currently, the Call Center provides uninterrupted and free-of-charge services including live contact (in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages), voice menu, written applications, online services and service via text messages. Through the live contact service channel, callers are provided with services such as answering questions regarding tax legislation and administration and the use of electronic services, examining errors arising during the use of electronic services, receiving reports on tax legislation violations, complaints regarding actions (or lack thereof) of tax authority officials, and return calls for missed calls and call orders. The voice menu of the Call Center offers services such as general information on types of taxes, information on tax debt of a specific taxpayer and call order. Taxpayers are provided with targeted information through voice and text messages.

In 2011, the Call Center was audited by the “International Certification and Contact Centers Institute” and as a result of the audit the Call Center of the Ministry of Taxes was awarded with a certificate on conformity to EN-15838 standards by the “Austrian Standards plus GmbH”, which defines common European standards on the management of call centers.

In 2016, within the framework of restructuring process in the Ministry of Taxes, Call Center has been excluded from the Taxpayer Services Department’s structure and the Call Center Department under Ministry of Taxes has been established.