Changes in personnel at IOTA Secretariat

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IOTA Secretariat is happy to announce two new members and one promotion. Ms. Tracey Brooks has joined the IOTA Secretariat as an International Tax Advisor and Ms. Diána Schreiter has joined as a Communication & Publication Specialist. Mr. Roman Bichevoy was promoted to Institutional Development Manager.

Tracey Brooks Roman Bichevoy Diána Schreiter

Ms. Tracey Brooks has joined the IOTA Secretariat on 24th February 2020 to take up the post of International Tax Advisor. She joins the Secretariat on secondment from the UK’s HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) where she has worked for 19 years.  She has specialised in transfer pricing and international taxation for 12 years and, has spent the last four years working across Africa and Asia advising Tax Administrations on how to build capacity in international tax and the implementation of measures to counter Base Erosion and Profit Shifting.  Tracey is looking forward to getting the opportunity to work with IOTA member Tax Administrations.

Mr. Roman Bichevoy, previously an International Taxation Expert, will be working as an Institutional Development Manager at IOTA Secretariat effective from 1st March 2020. According to the new organizational structure, this new position will focus on growth and development activities of IOTA: new services such as technical assistance and partnerships. Roman will also continue monitoring IOTA Strategy implementation and will report to the Executive Secretary of IOTA. 

Ms. Diána Schreiter has joined IOTA Secretariat on 9th March 2020 as a Communication and Publication Specialist. In the last 12 years she was working as an offline and online marketing, publishing, newsletter, website content and social media coordinator and specialist for various international companies in fashion, food supplement, building and consumer electronics industries. She also has experience in PR, photo, video and commercial production, event management and translation. She is really excited to work for IOTA as she is the first time in her career at a non-profit organization.


We congratulate Roman to his new, thrilling position and we make sure that Tracey and Diána will receive a warm welcome in the IOTA team. We wish all three of them good luck and success.