Measures taken by the Cyprus Tax Department to support taxpayers affected by Covid-19

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Extension of deadlines

Corporate tax returns were due for filing on 31st March.  Extension to file has been granted to 1st June for SMEs and large business.  VAT registered persons (with exception of specific non affected business sectors) with term filing dates in April, May, June have been granted an extension to pay their VAT due by November.  A filing extension has not been granted.


Debt payment plans and suspending debt recovery

An instalment plan with interest write off is available.  No new legal (criminal prosecution) actions are being filed.


Quicker refunds

Refund cases are being given priority.


Audit policies

All field audits have been suspended.  Desk audits continue on open cases.


Enhanced services and communication initiatives

Online services are being promoted.  Regular announcements are made on measures taken and service options available.



In case you have any document of information which you find worth to share regarding the actions, measures or concrete experiences in countering the crisis, please do not hesitate to upload it to the subpage focusing on Covid-19 Crisis Support on IOTA website in order to share it with other members.