Digital Workshop on IOTA’s New 5-year Strategy

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IOTA organised a digital Workshop on the 2023-2027 IOTA Strategy (the new Strategy) with members, which took place on 10th December 2021. This workshop aimed to gather feedback from IOTA members on the early stage of the new Strategy preparation to incorporate it into the draft. The draft will be prepared by the Strategy Working Group.

The digital event took place as a combination of digital plenary sessions and a group discussion session. More specifically, the morning session focused on finding answers to the question: “Where are we now?” and it discussed the current status of IOTA, its strengths and weaknesses, its international positioning. Participants were split into groups where they discussed and produced a SWOT analysis of IOTA.

The afternoon session focused on finding answers to the questions: “Where would we like to be by 2027?” and “How do we get there?”. Similarly to the morning session, participants were split into groups, which discussed the vision of IOTA and its strategic objectives/sub-objectives. The basis for that discussion was the current version of the IOTA Strategy approved at the 24th General Assembly of IOTA in June 2020 as well as the Secretariat’s vision of IOTA’s objectives/sub-objectives for the 2023-2027 term.

The first draft of the new Strategy is expected to be prepared by the beginning of February 2022, which will be followed by further consultations with the IOTA membership. The 2023-2027 IOTA Strategy is planned to be finalised and approved during the 26th IOTA General Assembly, taking place in Zürich, Switzerland on 29th-30th June 2022.

Registered IOTA website users can find out more about this workshop on the event’s webpage.