The Director General of the Spanish Tax Agency opened the EATLP Congress 2019

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The European Association of Tax Law Professors (EATLP) is a professional organization of professors teaching tax law at universities across Europe. 

Apart from a vast work programme made of seminars, symposium etc., EATLP organises an annual congress for its members, which takes place every year in a different European city. In 2019, it has been hosted by the Carlos III University of Madrid in cooperation with the Institute for Fiscal Studies of the Ministry of Finance.

This year´s Congress has counted with the participation of renowned European professors and representatives of EU institutions and the OECD, who delivered presentations on several topics such as; tax procedures, reviews and appeals, cross-border procedures or legal transplants.

The Congress began with presentations on the cooperation of the EATLP with other organizations, most notably the Joint Transfer Pricing Forum and the Platform for Good Tax Governance of the European Union.

Mr. Gascón, Director General of the Spanish Tax Agency made some opening remarks on the huge progress made by the Tax Agency since its creation 27 years ago in its procedures, concerning both the protection of the taxpayers´ rights and for risk management, as well as the challenges of the future in a globalized World.

The event also counted with the participation of Mr. Pitsilis, Governor of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue in Greece, who delivered a presentation on the legal issues arising in the process of improving the efficiency of tax audits.

On the occasion of this congress the Directors General of the Tax Administrations of Greece and Spain held a bilateral meeting to discuss issues of common interest for both tax administrations and enhance their cooperation.

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