Establishment of the National Revenue Administration in Poland

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On 1st of March 2017 the National Revenue Administration (KAS) starts officially its operation in Poland. The KAS has been established as a result of reorganization of the former structures of the Tax Administration, Customs Service and Fiscal Control. The changes will allow better use of human, financial and organizational resources.

Main objectives of the establishment of the National Revenue Administration are to:

  • reduce the scale of tax evasion,
  • increase the efficiency of collecting tax and customs duties,
  • increase the level of voluntary fulfillment of tax obligations,
  • ensure a high level of customer service,
  • reduce the functioning costs of fiscal administration,
  • provide development of professional staff.

    The KAS will employ approx. 60 000 people (including 10 000 uniformed Customs-Tax officers and 50 000 civil servants).

    Uniformed Customs-Tax officers will operate at the Customs branches, in mobile groups and control and crime-combating divisions.

    The principles of the National Revenue Administration are to:

  • collect revenue from taxes, fees  and non-tax budget duties, as well as other charges,
  • collect revenue from customs and other duties related to the importation and exportation of goods,
  • implement the customs policy arising from the membership in the EU’s Customs Union, place goods under the customs procedures,
  • provide service and support to the taxpayers and enterpreneurs in the proper performance of tax and customs duties,
  • provide information and education in the field of tax and customs law provisions,
  • perform audit,
  • conduct operational-reconnaissance activities,
  • combat money laundering and financing of terrorism,
  • identify, investigate and combat fiscal offenses and crimes,
  • conduct research, prepare analyzes and forecasts.

Minister of Development and Finance is responsible for coordination and cooperation in shaping revenue policy executed by KAS.

Mr. Marian Banaś, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Finance has been appointed by the Prime Minister as the Director General of KAS.