The Executive Council of IOTA shortlisted two candidates for Executive Secretary and endorsed the Budget and Work Programme proposals for 2020

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The 116th meeting of the Executive Council of IOTA was hosted in Berlin on the 13 and 14 May 2019 by the Tax Department of the German Federal Ministry of Finance. The Council held interviews with the candidates for the Executive Secretary job position and shortlisted Mr. Frantisek Imrecze, former President of IOTA in 2017/2018 and former President of the Slovak Financial Administration, and Mr. Laurent Amalric, high-level official of the General Directorate of Public Finances in France and current tax attaché in Madrid. The two candidates will be submitted to election during the second part of the administrative session of the forthcoming 23rd General Assembly, scheduled for the morning of the 3 July 2019 in Brussels.

During the Council meeting the outcome of the governance task teams, the internal audit report and the agenda items for the General Assembly were discussed and key statutory documents were endorsed by the EC, namely the proposals for Budget and Work Programme for 2020, the 2018 Financial Report and the draft 2018 IOTA Activities and Strategy Implementation Reports. These documents will be submitted to the next General Assembly for approval.

In the margin of the meeting the Belgian Presidency and the Secretariat completed the agenda of the 23rd General Assembly and agreed on the next steps to take.