The Executive Secretary of IOTA in the XI International Tax Conference in Budapest

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The Executive Secretary of IOTA, Mr Miguel Silva Pinto delivered a speech in the XI. ‘Taxation in Europe’ international conference held in Budapest in June organised by the Association of the Hungarian Certified Tax Advisors (Moklasz). Participants of the conference were economic leaders, certified tax experts, accountants, auditors and specialists from several European tax authorities. Mr Silva Pinto addressed the challenges and opportunities provided by the digital economy both to tax administrations and taxpayers. 

While taking the opportunity to explain the work of IOTA in the international tax framework, Executive Secretary in his speech underlined the need for the tax professionals to keep the pace with the evolution of new technologies and its impact on all aspects of taxation (legislation, compliance, collection, audits, resources).

Namely, he referred to the spreading use of electronic invoicing and data analytics as tools that are being developed to reduce the risks of tax base erosion caused by non-compliant digital businesses.

He also mentioned that honest taxpayers have an interest to cooperate with the tax authorities in order to reduce distortions of competition and ensure a level playing field between different types of operators.