The Federal Public Service Finance of Belgium is “Public organisation of the Year” in 2017

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The Federal Public Service Finance of Belgium (FPS Finance) has been recognised as “Public organisation of the Year” 2017. This prize is awarded to the public organisation which has distinguished itself as regards the customer-oriented approach, the effectiveness, the innovation, the efficiency and the strategy. The FPS Finance has been doubly rewarded by the prize of the Federal Organisation and the prize of the Public Organisation.

The jury was very much impressed by the evolution that the organisation has seen in recent years: from a model presenting the supply of services per department (VAT, corporate income tax, personal income tax, etc.) towards a model favouring target groups (self-employed workers, private individuals, companies, etc.). This change clearly shows the intention of the Federal Public Service Finance to have its main focus on customers. This government organisation also made big leaps forward in the field of HR. The emphasis is now on result orientation and accountability for all employees, rather than on hierarchy encouragement.  Lastly, for each new project, the FPS Finance develops business cases which include the appropriate means to bring about change and the anticipated costs and benefits. This implies efficient use of resources and close monitoring of the strategy.  In association with its partners, the FPS Finance strives to offer as simple access as possible to taxation with the aid of digital and innovative tools.

Mr. Hans D’Hondt, President of Executive Committee of FPS Finance underlines the fact that “this prize is above all a great reward for the work carried out by all the staff members during these years. This prize encourages us to do even better in the future. ”