Georgia Revenue Service's initiative to encourage tax education and compliance

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Georgia Revenue Service (GRS) over the last couple of years has carried out significant reform, which included development of new e-services, such as e-application, e-filling, e-invoicing; e-appeals and etc. as well as reforms to facilitate voluntary compliance. More is planned for the future.

Within those future plans GRS intends to establish communication with young generation in order to raise children’s awareness about importance of paying taxes. At this stage, in order to make dealing with electronic services provided to taxpayers mush easier, Georgia Revenue Service has introduced a special addition to the electronic services webpage -, intention of which is to demonstrate to taxpayers or any other interested persons how to use those electronic services.

Through this page any person, whether registered taxpayer or not, can learn how to use electronic services provided by the GRS, including e-filing, e-invoices, e-waybill, etc. On this page virtual taxpayer can create virtual company and get familiar with an environment necessary for running a compliant business. This webpage can also be used by educational institutions to add it to the learning course designed for future bookkeepers so they will get familiar with taxpayers activities concerning electronic services.