Georgia TADAT Assessment 2020 Demonstrates Significant Improvements

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In 2020, a repeated performance assessment of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, was conducted by the IMF using TADAT methodology.

The purpose of the assessment was to identify outcomes reached in the result of actions taken by the tax administration and areas to be improved.

According to the 2020 assessment report, compared to the assessment conducted in 2016, 14 indicators of 8 Performance Outcome Areas are improved.

In particular, the following actions (with an active support of IMF among others) have been taken by the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia during 2017-2020 period:

• A modern tax register system has been introduced;

• Tax compliance risk identification and management process has been improved, by using third party information;

• Tax dispute resolution procedures have been made more efficient by using an independent and impartial dispute management system;

• A wide range of electronic services have been developed for the taxpayers;

• An Automatic VAT refund system has been introduced, providing an easy and quick procedures for the refund.


In response to the 2020 TADAT assessment results, Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia is going to set an action plan in order to address challenges and needs, revealed by the assessment and improve its performance in the future.

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