IMF conference invitation: Medium Term Revenue Strategy — Building more effective tax systems

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The high-level conference on "Medium-Term Revenue Strategy (MTRS)—Building More Effective Tax Systems”, jointly organised by the IMF, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, and the World Bank will be held on 29-30 October 2019 at the Federal Academy of Finance in Vienna, Austria.

The Agenda for the two days event includes Keynote presentations on:

  • An Approach to Effective Tax System Reform;
  • Building an Effective Tax System - A Prerequisite for Effective and Sustained Revenue Mobilization and Social and Economic Development. 

There will also be several Panel discussions addressing:

  • Transition Ongoing Tax System Reform into an MTRS—The Need for a Well-Articulated MTRS Formulation; and Subsequent Implementation;
  • Setting Revenue and Efficiency Goals to meet Expenditure Needs and Social and Economic Development—Building Country Ownership;
  • Achieving an Effective Tax System through a Comprehensive Reform Plan - Policy, Administration and Tax Legal Framework;
  • Developing Government-led effort to Tax System Reform through Sustained Political Commitment and Whole-of-Government Support and
  • Securing and Aligning External Support to Government-led Tax System Reform.

Frantisek Imrecze, the Executive Secretary of IOTA will also participate in the event and as a panellist in the session „Achieving an Effective Tax System through a Comprehensive Reform Plan—Policy, Administration and Tax Legal Framework”.

The detailed Agenda of the MTRS Conference can be found here.
The registration is still open for senior officials from IOTA member countries interested in attending the Conference. The registration form  is available here.