Implementation of a HR Management in Public Administration Project in the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority

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The implementation of HR Management in Public Administration Project  (GeRHuP) started in the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (AT) on 25 January 2016 after long months of hard work of the different teams involved. The GeRHuP Project, developed under the GeRALL Programme (Resource Management Programme in Public Administration), provides a technological solution of human resources management for public administration to support the provision of shared services in this area.

​​There are significant advantages in the standardization of processes, such as a single data input, the uniform application of human resources legislation and an updated information of all employees in a single information repository, allowing  greater accuracy, transparency and resource savings.

The availability of a state-of-the-art technology tool, supported by a world leader ERP in this area, makes it possible to provide a reference solution in human resources management, capable of responding to the specificities of public administration with its multiplicity of regulatory regimes and frameworks. A solid foundation will enable us to move towards the provision of Business Analytics tools which will portray the public administration "up-to-the-minute", increasingly based on "transactional information" and less on "declarative processes," which are always more subject to inaccuracies.

At the same time, we intend to move towards "employee self-service” solutions, dematerializing some human resources processes and providing workers a portal for consultation and registration of their own processes, releasing the workload of the reduced human resources departments.