Increased Tax Collection in Slovakia

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 2014 was a successful year for the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic as a single Tax and Customs Body.
As compared to 2013, our organization increased collection of taxes by total of 600 million EUR. The income tax revenue is 33 % higher than originally planned, 500 million, when expressed in EUR. We have also managed to increase the personal income tax revenue by 8 %. The VAT collection brought over 67 million EUR more than expected. These figures illustrate daily efforts of the Financial Directorate staff as a reliable indicator causing the organization to move forward.

Many successful changes were implemented in 2014. We were able to implement new information systems such as Financial Administration Portal, which was awarded the 1st place in the category "new services" at ITAPA congress. Equally important projects implemented were the VAT Control Statement, Information system of Tax Stamps, Mini One Stop Shop or Single E-Window.

In 2015 we face further challenges. Our common goal for 2015 is to continuously build the Financial Directorate of Slovak Republic as a modern institution able to flexibly respond to the demands of the times. The most important task is to implement a new Integrated System of Tax Administration. Among its main objectives are modernization and simplification of the tax administration processes, more effective tax collection and tax control and support of e-communication between the Financial Administration and taxpayers.

A change of this magnitude is difficult as it requires the great effort and human potential. Nevertheless we believe that the organisation possesses all of it.