Introducing of simplified procedures for reporting and payment of Personal Income Tax for taxpayers – individuals in the Tax Administration of FYR Macedonia

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During 2016, the EU funded project “Simplification of procedures for reporting and payment of Personal Income Tax (PIT) for taxpayer – individuals” with total value of 98.530 EUR was successfully implemented enabling simplification of the reporting and payment procedures for Personal Income Tax for legal and physical persons. The project also focused on reducing the administrative burden and costs related to the calculation and payment of taxes, improved tax efficiency and monitoring of the Personal Income Tax Collection.

New web oriented and user-friendly tax services were developed - “e-Personal Income Tax” for reporting and payment of PIT by the citizens and the companies, Public Revenue Office’s capacities for system maintenance were enhanced, and new software solution was developed. The new electronic tax services “e-Personal Income Tax” will enable a real-time tracking of Personal Income Tax calculation and payment for physical persons, with regards to revenues generated on all grounds, as well as a better public finance planning for the state authorities, which will be implemented as from January 2018 (after adopting the Amendments of the Law on Personal Income Tax). The system will enable the first pre-populated Annual Tax Return to be issued by PRO in 2019 for individual’s incomes gained in 2018.

With the results achieved with the EU support provided through the IPA funds, we made a great step forward, as well as a change of the concept of administering of taxes in FYR of Macedonia and in the access to our services. In the "e-personal tax" we have put together the best European practices by our recipe and we have developed services with which we can be competitive in comparison with the modern tax administrations. The new electronic services for Personal Income Tax allow for a complete simplification of procedures and reduction of the administrative burden of registration and payment of taxes by companies and citizens.