IOTA Annual International Conference was held in Budapest

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IOTA’s high level International Conference was held in Budapest on 8-9 November 2016, dedicated to the theme ‘Transforming Tax Administration and Involving Tax Payers in Developing Better Compliance and Business Processes’. The event was organised in cooperation with the Hungarian Tax and Customs Administration and included more than 80 participants from member countries of IOTA, the Australian Taxation Office, the United States Internal Revenue Service, international organisations such as the European Commission and OECD, academia, business associations, intermediaries and consultants.

The participants were given the opportunity to discuss the initiatives and measures that modern tax administrations are undertaking to respond to the demands of the society in the 21th century and how engaging taxpayers can help in the process.

This first Annual IOTA International Conference aimed at providing a senior level forum for dialogue on strategic issues challenging tax administrations in the European Region and beyond. The conference successfully established an inclusive high level platform where commissioners, deputy commissioners and senior executives shared methods and approaches in three individual sessions.

General challenges for every tax administration were identified such as the need for openness to the society, to engage and harness changes in business culture and technology, to meet different needs of taxpayers and to be more customer focused. It was agreed that the use of modern technology for better services is an overarching common task for tax administrations worldwide. Participants also expressed the hope that by improving tax governance better compliance and more fairness in the distribution of the tax burden can be reached.

The conference also offered the opportunity for informal senior level networking and dialogue. 

For further information about the conference please see the Agenda, the Background Note and all the presentations.

All event material, including presentations of the conference are available here for IOTA website member users.