IOTA Area Group on Debt Management discusses ways of optimising debt collection and recovery process

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 The IOTA Area Group on Debt Management met in St. Petersburg (Russian Federation) between the 1st and 3rd of October 2014 to continue their work on identification, development and dissemination of national approaches, working methods and tools developed to effectively manage tax debts.


Mr Denis V. Naumchev, Deputy Commissioner of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation welcomed the delegates and underlined high interest and great value of participation in the work of the IOTA Debt Management Area Group as it contributed to streamlining debt collection and enforcement procedures in Russia.

This meeting fostered discussions over the successful country approaches in applying a wider range of methods for process optimisation and continuous improvement in tax debt collection and recovery:

  • Optimisation of debt recovery processes in the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration by using models and data analytics, building a new attitude among employees/specialists to adapt to the ever changing environment and to become part of innovation programme.
  • Lean-inspired developments with continuous improvement in the Swedish Tax Agency and in the Norwegian tax administration using some basic tools (i.e. Kaizen meetings, improvement boards, measurement of well-being, production meetings, etc.) to reach a culture of continuous improvement in tax administration and deliver maximum benefits for customers.
  • The use of Benchmarking by the Belgian Federal Public Service of Finance to measure and improve processes in debt collection.
  • The UK Cabinet led project on Debt Management Integrator seeking to bring together a single provider for all government departments to procure the supply of a wide range of debt collections services.

The Area Group also discussed the three draft reports prepared by task teams: 1) “Innovative Approaches to Promotion of Voluntary Tax Debt Payment - Support and Assistance to Debtors; 2) Innovative Approaches to Promotion of Voluntary Tax Debt Payment - Deterrence Measures” as well as 3) “Use of Risk Analysis in Tax Debt Management”.

Further information on the IOTA Debt Management Area Group meeting, including a background document, agenda and presentations, are available on our website for registered users.