IOTA broadcasted its first webinar on New challenges and ways to enhance taxpayer service in the digital age

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On 29 May 2019 the first IOTA webinar “New challenges and ways to enhance taxpayer service in the digital age" was broadcasted live from a professional studio in Amsterdam.

More than 130 participants have registered for this event seeking to explore the latest developments in delivering e-services, including, use of Application Programming Interface (API), "natural" or "transactional" taxation", taxpayer nudging, use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many other methods and ideas to enhance taxpayer services in the digital age.

This 90 min webinar contained 3 brief presentations where speakers from Finland, Belgium and UK shared with viewers their approaches in delivering personalised and relevant digital services that offer taxpayers new ways of managing their tax obligations online.

A number of interactive polls were conducted during the webinar asking participants to reflect on the most potential/prominent tax compliance area used for applying APIs, the use nudging to enhance tax compliance, major challenges for adoption of new digital tax service solutions, etc.

In addition, a number of questions from audience were addressed by speakers at the Q&A session of the webinar.  

This webinar is available on-demand to IOTA members (registered users of IOTA website) after registering through the dedicated webpage.

This webinar was a follow-up to ongoing progress among IOTA members towards full online tax administration offering end-to-end, modern e-services meeting the highest standards of security while being easy to access and use.

IOTA webinars are considered to be effective, virtual all-hand event enabling participants to connect from any location and simultaneously follow the presentation and interact in discussing the topics of common interest.

In 2019 IOTA plans to organise two more webinars “Measuring the level of tax compliance and actions supporting it in practice” on 27 November 2019 and Tax professional learning and development on 4 December 2019.