IOTA in the CIAT 52nd General Assembly

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CIAT – the Inter-American Center of Tax Administration held its 52nd General Assembly in Ottawa, Canada on the 15 – 17 May 2018. The theme of the event was “World Class Tax Administration – Fostering Successful Relationships with key stakeholders both domestically and internationally”. The event gathered more than 150 delegates from tax administrations, businesses, international organisations and other stakeholders.

Miguel Silva Pinto IOTA’s Executive Secretary together with the other delegates assisted to presentations and participated in debates which aimed at defining what is required to become a “World Class Tax Administration” in an era where technology and digitalisation are influencing all aspects of the social, financial and political reality. 

The Executive Secretary moderated a panel on “Performing taxpayer service above and beyond the walk-in office”, where representatives from the Federal Revenues of Brazil and the International Revenue Service of Chile spoke about the development of their services to the taxpayer, characterised by increasing automation and putting in place mechanisms to facilitate tax payer compliance even in remote areas of their vast territories.

In the margins of the event, the Executive Secretary established contacts and held discussions with leaders from several tax administrations and international organisations, providing information and inviting them to participate in the technical session and digital exhibition of the 22nd IOTA General Assembly on the 25-27 June 2018.