IOTA in the coming years: IOTA Strategy 2018-2022

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The new IOTA Strategy confirms the organization as the key forum for sharing and exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices amongst its members. The key factors for the success of the new strategy are the engagement of member countries, the resources available, the outreach of the outputs and the openness towards innovation and experimentation.

Photo: Mr Octavian Deaconu presents the new IOTA Strategy in the 21st General Assembly.

IOTA Strategy 2018-2022 ‘In Partnership for Advancing Tax Administrations’ was adopted in the 21st General Assembly of IOTA on 29 June in Kyiv, Ukraine. The strategy has been prepared by the IOTA Strategy Team led by Mr Octavian Deaconu, former President of IOTA. The Ukrainian Presidency called IOTA members for appointing members to the team. The final Strategy Team (approved by the Executive Council of IOTA) members were representatives of Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Romania, United Kingdom and the Executive Secretary of IOTA.

The Team started to work in January this year and put special emphasis on a wide consultation procedure within the membership throughout the strategy process. When consulting the membership (in a format of surveys, interviews, etc.) it became obvious that IOTA members prefer to keep the initial scope of IOTA and that our organisation should continue to act as a forum to exchange experiences on practical aspects of tax administration. IOTA members are also in favour of making IOTA more dynamic and more flexible and diversify its services by having more project-oriented products. There was also a common understanding that the successful implementation of the strategy requires common efforts such as higher engagement of membership and finding alternative resources.

Please find the IOTA Strategy 2018 - 2022 here.

Photo of the Strategy Team in the first meeting in IOTA Secretariat, from left to right: Mr Jeffrey Davenport from UK, Mr Orkhan Musayev from Azerbaijan, Mr Miguel Silva Pinto IOTA's Executive Secretary, Mr Nikolay Getov from Bulgaria, Mr Octavian Deaconu (Team Leader) from Romania, Ms Chiara Putzolu from Italy and Mr Emil Vojta from Czech Republic.