IOTA Executive Secretary at the Technical Conference of DET

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On 12th-13th December 2022, Alix Perrignon de Troyes, the Executive Secretary of IOTA participated as a panellist at the Technical Conference of Digital Economy Taxation Network (DET) and high-level policy dialogue on “The Impact of Technologies on Emerging Tax Policy Issues” in Vienna, Austria. 

TextDescription automatically generatedThe event brought together more than 40 delegates from tax administrations, international organisations along with participants from the business community and research institutions to discuss and assess the latest developments in digital tax transformation.

The Digital Economy Taxation Network (DET) was established in 2017, and is now a widely recognised forum, with high-level conferences already organised in Vienna, Geneva, Singapore, China and the United States. These technical conferences are a useful way to take an overall assessment of where the international community stands on digital tax transformation. The aim of the initiative is to bring the most out of the ongoing digitalisation of tax policy and tax administration by undertaking collaborative research.

During these two days, the focus of discussion was on the impact of technologies on emerging tax policy issues. The Technical Conference was organised in seven sessions and was co-chaired by Jeffrey Owens (WU GTPC) and Chiara Bronchi (WB).

Contributing to the discussion of the topic, the Executive Secretary of IOTA delivered a presentation during the session ‘The new balance in the relationship between taxpayers and tax administration’. Alix Perrignon de Troyes gave examples of the blockchain technologies being deployed in IOTA member countries as for the tax administrations, furthermore, she highlighted the main advantages of blockchain such as transparency, efficiency, data integrity and security, emphasized that all participants being able to exchange secure information without intermediaries.

The given examples are covered by Georgia (1st country to start with blockchains), the Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden, and Finland. The challenges that remained are the preservation of privacy, the security of the interactions and the third-party verifiability.

The same session also welcomed speakers like Christina Dimitropoulou from the Vienna University (WU), and panellists namely Luisa Scarcella from the ICC Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation along with Valerio Barbantini from the Italian Revenue Agency.

IOTA is honoured to play a role in such developments not only by offering our own platform to facilitate dialogue on these topics, but also by sharing our experiences at international conferences such as the DET Conference. The next DET Technical Conference on Digitalisation will take place in Canada, in May 2023.