IOTA is heading towards better governance and more targeted services

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The 112th meeting of the Executive Council (EC) of IOTA took place on 23 - 24 May 2018 in Tbilisi, hosted by the Revenue Service of Georgia. EC members discussed many important issues related to the professional and operational functioning of the organisation and endorsed documents to be approved by the IOTA membership in the 22nd General Assembly of IOTA in June. EC members agreed that 2017 was a successful year for IOTA with many novelties introduced and that it will continue with more efficient governance and providing targeted services to the members.

The Director General of Revenue Service, Mr Giorgi Tabuashvili, the First Deputy Minister of Finance of Georgia, welcomed the EC members and delivered a presentation on Georgia Revenue Service (GRS) which is unifying tax and customs administrations, SPS border and partial passport control. He explained that it means that the mission of GRS is ensuring not only mobilisation of budget revenues through fair and transparent tax and customs administration and high quality services; but also participation in economic, public safety and environmental protection events.


The meeting, chaired by the President of IOTA, Mr František Imrecze, President of the Slovak Financial Administration, included many agenda items which resulted in endorsing financial and activity reports of the last year as well as budget and work program for 2019. The latter, the work program for next year includes new formats and initiatives in order to provide more targeted services to IOTA membership, meeting better the specific needs of tax administrations. EC also discussed how IOTA’s governance can be improved in order to make the organisation more agile and dynamic and able to respond quickly and efficiently to the new challenges. 


When concluding, Mr Imrecze expressed appreciation for the work of the Secretariat and thanked the Georgia Revenue Service for hosting the meeting. He also informed about the preparations of the 22nd IOTA General Assembly to be held in Bratislava on 25-27 June.