IOTA launched a new Forum on Human Resource Management

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As part of currently holding the Presidency in IOTA, the Federal Public Service Finances of Belgium hosted the first meeting of IOTA Forum on Human Resource Management in Ghent on 9-11 April, 2019 to discuss how to face today’s HR challenges in the transformation phase of tax administrations.

 Over 50 directors of HR departments, HR managers and senior HR experts from 30 IOTA member tax administrations discussed how to shape the organisations of the future. Participants explored the range of HR operating models which were presented by delegates from Austria and the United Kingdom as well as the representative from Partner Deloitte Consulting GmbH. They also looked at the Belgian approach creating optimal size and composition of the workforce, including strategic workforce planning. The IOTA Forum facilitated the discussion on the profile and qualifications of the tax officials of tomorrow.

During the Forum the participants were offered to join the speed sharing sessions where speakers from Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece and Switzerland presented latest developments in the field of employer branding, recruitment, onboarding, talent management, succession planning, training and development.

It was agreed at the meeting that based on Forum’s mandate for 2019-2020, this year IOTA will launch a new project on the development of practical toolkit for rightsizing the workforce in tax administration and will organise a webinar aimed to explore the innovative learning and development practices of member tax administrations.

Further information about the Forum meeting, including all presentations, is available HERE for IOTA members.