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IOTA-OECD Workshop on Measurement of Tax Compliance and the Implications for Strategic Planning

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The joint IOTA-OECD workshop on Measurement of Tax Compliance and the Implications for Strategic Planning was held on 18-20 November 2015 in Oslo, Norway. 42 participants from 24 countries shared their current approaches and acquired an overview of current thinking about performance management, collecting good ideas for practical application in their own countries.

The attendees had the opportunity to listen and to discuss the valuable presentations of the representatives of OECD, EU, Spain, Hungary, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Finland and Belgium. Participants had discussions based on the OECD FTA’s framework for measuring the outcomes of compliance strategies as documented in their publication “Measures of Tax Compliance Outcomes – A Practical Guide.  The workshop in addition addressed the implications of compliance measurement to strategic planning.

After plenary sessions participants continued work in group discussions where they have exchanged views and experiences on the issues of tools and methods used to measure compliance, aligning tax compliance outcome measures with compliance strategy and implementation of measuring tax compliance outcomes. Discussions highlighted that changing from output to outcome measures is essential, requires a change of culture and mind set from short term output measures to long term outcome measurement in terms of increasing voluntary compliance and changing taxpayer behaviour. The importance of having feedback from taxpayers on the work of the tax administration was also emphasised.

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