IOTA Secretariat continues distant work regime until further notice

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Severe measures in all IOTA countries to counter the spread of COVID – 19 virus continue to be in place and followed by all International Organisations. IOTA Secretariat continues to operate under distant work regime until further notice.


We are committed to maintain the undisturbed workflow of IOTA even in these hard times and all of our colleagues are available via e-mail or phone during business hours. Unfortunately, it is not totally in our power to decide when to end the distant work regime and we make sure that all IOTA members will be informed about any changes in advance. 


In the meanwhile, we are developing and utilizing online platforms to communicate with our members and ensure that the digital events we are going to have in the next weeks will be smoothly organized. Regarding to the May Technical Work-Programme , we are planning to postpone or transform all events into digital as well to be able to preserve our work programme. All the information about this will be on our website shortly.


We as much as all of you hope to return to normal operation of the IOTA Secretariat as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your kind understanding and we wish you luck and good health.