IOTA Webinar on Delivering Taxpayer Services Through Social Media

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On Wednesday 14 September 2022, IOTA successfully hosted a Webinar on Delivering Taxpayer Services Through Social Media. The first digital activity of the autumn season attracted more than 130 attendees from 24 IOTA member tax administrations, who virtually came together to explore new methods and approaches of using social media platforms as effective tools for providing services to taxpayers nowadays.

On the Webinar broadcasted live from the IOTA Studio in Budapest, we welcomed five speakers from Finland, Portugal and the United Kingdom who, together with Norway (connected remotely), shared their real success cases and projects concerning the utilisation of social media in the delivery of tax services and fostering interactions with taxpayers. These topics were addressed by the following presenters:

  • “Why and how to use social media for better public service” presented by Riikka Kohtamäki & Nanna Jussila, Finnish Tax Administration
  • “Delivering taxpayer services through social media in Norway: Strategy, tests, analyses and lessons learned” presented by Bente Karmann Tranberg, The Norwegian Tax Administration;
  • Social media improvement with chatbots” presented by André Santos & António Lopes the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority;
  • “HMRC’s social media strategy in a post-Brexit and post-pandemic world” presented by Ellen Ward-Collins, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs

During the Webinar, hosts and speakers in the IOTA Studio along with the online participants could interact through the meeting chat as well as spark discussions and raise questions at the Q&A  Session. All material, presentations included, is available for registered IOTA website users on the event’s webpage while the recording on the event will be provided soon.