IOTA Studio under construction

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Although, summers are considered to be tranquil times at IOTA Secretariat, the summer of 2020 is quite the opposite. The continuous drilling and hammering sounds are coming from the construction work of one of our major projects this year, the IOTA Studio. It is one of the biggest steps in our digital transformation aiming to embrace more and more digital solutions. The IOTA Studio will not only accommodate our more frequent and high demanded webinars but also will be suitable to run digital meetings with IOTA members or with the Executive Council and also make videos or podcasts in the future. 

The IOTA Studio will be located at the end of the Secretariat office where two offices are opened up with the extension of the corridor, creating a space of more than 30 sqm. This will serve IOTA as a spacious conference room and at the same time as a fully equipped webinar studio. With this new feature, IOTA fulfils its promise to serve its members with the highest quality embracing the most recent innovations.

The main features of the IOTA Studio will be:

  • professional cameras
  • studio lighting
  • mixing desk
  • green-box technology
  • wide, HD screens

The Webinar Studio will be finished and ready to use already this autumn.

Stay tuned for updates about the IOTA Studio...