IOTA Webinar on Understanding Practices to Facilitate Risk Analysis of Transactions Involving Crypto Assets

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On 20 April 2023, IOTA successfully carried out another fascinating digital event. We welcomed a distinguished group of tax officials from IOTA member administrations to share insights, gain knowledge and build a valuable network during our Webinar on “Understanding Practices to Facilitate Risk Analysis of Transactions Involving Crypto Assets”. The event brought together over 200 tax experts from 31 IOTA member countries who joined digitally to the meeting.

The Webinar shared the latest experiences from IOTA member countries such as France, Norway, Spain, and Sweden on managing crypto-asset transaction data as well as the measures taken to implement the new data exchange procedures (DAC8). In addition, it also provided an opportunity for participants to learn about the measures taken so far by IOTA member countries and future directions for data utilisation, particularly in the area of risk analysis.

The following member countries reflected on the topic with incisive and thought-provoking presentations:

  • France: “Gathering data from blockchain and VASP: the French experience” presented by Lokman Sengun;
  • Spain: “Crypto-asset: Spanish tax perspective” presented by Cristina Bernal Alvarez;
  • Sweden: “Taxation of crypto transactions to lending platforms from a Swedish perspective” presented by Simon Kullgren;
  • Norway: “Use of data for analysis and targeted control” presented by Marius Johansen.

Webinar participants could raise questions during the Q&A session, furthermore, they were actively involved in a panel debate during the digital event. All the materials, presentations, and event recordings will be available soon on the event’s webpage. This webinar was moderated by IOTA International Taxation Experts, Massimo Morarelli & Alexandros Roukalis, and broadcast live from the IOTA Studio in Budapest, Hungary.