IOTA Webinar on Use of Big Data and the Deployment of Analytics

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On 31 May 2023, IOTA successfully broadcast another Webinar, this time on “Use of Big Data and the Deployment of Analytics”. Over 240 participants from 30 IOTA member tax administrations gathered in the virtual space in order to learn about recent developments in the use of big data and about the use of different analytical models used to tackle non-compliance.

One of the greatest assets tax administrations have today is big data and the potential to analyse this data to streamline tax processes and improve tax compliance. This digital event explored the recent experiences of IOTA member tax administrations in Belgium, Georgia, France, and Italy when combining big data with advanced analytics technologies and the outcomes of their work.

At the Webinar, the following subjects were covered:

  • Belgium: “Exploring the Potential of Graph Neural Networks for Fiscal Fraud Detection in Business Management Databases” presented by Alexandre Roldan Lopez;
  • Italy: “The Italian Revenue Agency approach to social network analysis” presented by Claudio Amico;
  • Georgia: “Use of big data to predict filing liability and support on-time filing” presented by Elguja Loliashvili;
  • France: “The French administration’s approach to different types of AI projects” presented by Joseph Gesnouin

Webinar participants were actively involved and raised numerous questions in the Q&A session, as they also shared their views and reflected on the poll questions during the digital event. All the materials and presentations are now available online and the event recording will be made uploaded soon to the event’s webpage. This webinar was moderated by IOTA International Taxation Expert Jonathan Heath, supported by the IOTA Work Programme Manager Eugenijus Soldatkovas, and was broadcast live from the IOTA Studio in Budapest, Hungary.