IOTA workshop ‘Choosing e-Services: How to Encourage Customers Use Digital Services’

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The IOTA workshop on Choosing e-Services: How to Encourage Customers Use Digital Services was held on 16-18 December 2015 in Budapest, Hungary. 50 participants from 29 IOTA member countries engaged in sharing experiences of how tax administrations could intensify efforts to shift customers from traditional channels to more efficient e-channels, e-services and e-filing.

Participants of the workshop explored different innovative ways to encourage the take-up and wider use of e-services. The event considered country approaches of increasing takeup of e-services in three main areas: 1) promotion and visibility; 2) designing and co-creation; and 3) availability and accessibility. Presentations by delegates from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Lithuania and Sweden provided in depth information about country experience.

During the group work sessions participants exchanged their views on the use of segmentation and profiling of customers for more targeted marketing strategies of e-services. Delegates had the opportunity to consider experiences with challenges and opportunities of application of behaviour techniques in the e-service design process, user involvement in co-creation of mobile apps and agile development of e-service solutions. They also reviewed different country approaches of adapting e-services to customer demands and of ensuring their availability and accessibility.

Further information about the event, including all presentations, is available here: EVENTS