IOTA in WU Tax and Technology Series - VAT/GST challenges in a digital economy

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Massimo Morarelli, IOTA’s International Taxation Expert delivered a presentation in WU “Tax and Technology Series - third workshop - VAT/GST challenges in a digital economy” in Vienna, Austria on 17-18 December 2018. Mr Morarelli spoke on the challenges that tax administrations have to face in the digital era and on IOTA’s activity in this field. 

The Workshop had a turnout with over 100 people from government, business and academia. IOTA was invited to give a presentation on the Session “Future Design of the VAT system”, with the aim of bringing the perspective of regional tax organisations. Mr Morarelli after describing briefly the role and activities performed by IOTA  focused on the challenges that tax administrations have to face in the digital era. He also showed how relevant the involvement of IOTA is in this topic as several events and workshops have been organized in 2018 to meet the needs of the member tax administrations in the field of digital economy, e.g. workshop on ensuring tax compliance of digital economy operators, Forum on Combating VAT fraud which dealt with digital VAT fraud etc. He added that IOTA will be fully committed in providing other events on the impact of the digital economy for the tax administrations in 2019 as well and mentioned examples such as the IOTA Workshops on Introduction of online invoicing, the Workshop on Virtual currency , cryptocurrencies and the webinar on new challenges and ways to enhance taxpayer service in the digital age.

Other interesting and relevant topics such as indirect taxation of digital economy (experience of countries), impact of the new VAT rules for the digital economy, regulating digital platforms within the scope of the VAT, etc. were discussed and presented by several parties.