ISORA Training 2022 in Oslo – Registration is Now Open

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We are happy to announce that a joint IOTA-OECD ISORA workshop “Survey completion and data usage”, hosted by the Norwegian Tax Administration, will be organised between 15th–16th June 2022 in Oslo, Norway. The workshop is now open for registration until 20th May 2022.The purpose of the event is to bring together ISORA country co-ordinators and analysts using ISORA data and to share best practices on the use of ISORA data between the ISORA countries.

The two-day workshop will provide an opportunity for ISORA country co-ordinators and analysts using ISORA data to meet in person and to discuss their approaches and experience to complete the survey. Further discussions on how to improve the internal data collection processes and how to resolve complicated issues will take place. During the second day of the event, country representatives will make presentations on the use of ISORA data. The use of ISORA data for organisational planning, performance benchmarking, engagement with other jurisdictions and some guidance on the internal promotion of ISORA data are on the agenda of the event.

Finally, all ISORA partner organisations will make an outlook on the upcoming surveys ISORA 2022 and the comprehensive ISORA 2023.

Further information about the IOTA-OECD ISORA workshop is provided, and the country officials should register on the event`s webpage.

We would like to welcome you again on an ISORA physical event.