Latest IOTA Publication: Self-Service for Tax Compliance

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The e-book “Self-Service for Tax Compliance” is the latest publication of IOTA which contains eight articles. Tax administrations are in a process of increasing the use of modern information and communication technology to improve taxpayer services, compliance, and internal efficiency. The introduction of self-service channels is one way towards more efficient services.

The articles in this e-book are centred around the topic of self-service for tax compliance and examining it from different points of view. The first three articles describe the experience of designing and/or implementing e-services, its results, challenges and impacts. The authors examine the experiences of France, Spain and Lithuania to present how taxpayers can be encouraged and supported by tax administrations to use e-services. Two more articles focus on the importance of collaboration with other stakeholders when improving service for taxpayers. Through the impressive results of Norway and Azerbaijan you can gain information about the added value that cooperation, early involvement and awareness-raising bring in creating new service that facilitates taxpayers’ compliance. The same issue, the importance of cooperation, is examined in the two other articles but on an international level. You will find an overview from the position of international businesses (Grant Thornton) and an international organisation (the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) about enhanced relationships and cooperative compliance in Europe for better tax services. Our Irish author presents two case studies (Local Property Tax and Home Renovation Incentive) showing how the positive impacts of reducing legislative and administrative complexity create innovative solutions for the delivery of self-service. The e-book is available here: