Meeting of Italian Revenue Agency and Turkish Revenue Administration on informal economy and tax compliance

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Strategies and actions put in place to tackle informal economy and to encourage tax compliance were at the center of the meeting, held in Rome, from 29th November  to 1st December 2016, between representatives of the Italian Revenue Agency and the Turkish Revenue Administration.

The Turkish Tax Administration is currently involved in a multi-year project directed at improving tax compliance and at reducing the informal economy. The aim is to reduce the ratio of informal economy to GDP by 5 percentage points and to reduce by 5 percentage points the rate of illicit work (except agricultural sector). The study visit in Italy is part of this Turkish Tax Administration project based on the importance of a benchmark, in which are also involved other European tax authorities.

The Italian tax Administration offered a general view on several pivotal topics, first of all on “Cambia verso” the new strategy, that involves all the Revenue Agency activities, aimed  to realize a new fiscal path, built on an innovative cooperative-dialogue with taxpayers. Among the other topics discussed, the turnover presumption indexes, the role of statistical analysis for the performance evaluation, the online services for taxpayers, with particular attention to the brand new pre-filled tax return. Furthermore, during the meeting, the two Tax Administrations  talked over communication strategies, in particular about “Fisco e Scuola”, the educational project to promote the culture of tax legality, and about the use of social media to provide services and enhance the dialogue between Tax Administration and taxpayers.