Members of the Technical Working Group of the ISORA/RA-FIT met in Budapest

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On behalf of the Membership, IOTA participates and collects data in the International Survey on Revenue Administration (ISORA) Technical Working Group (TWG) together with the IMF, OECD and our sister organisation in the Americas, CIAT. As Chair of the ISORA TWG for 2016, IOTA hosted and conducted the annual meeting of the TWG for representatives of the four partnering organisations on 14-16 September 2016 in Budapest. 

At the meeting, the working group reviewed the data collection, the survey platform (RA-FIT) and survey completion for 2016, planned the next data collection round and considered future expansion of ISORA, beyond the 160+ countries already participating. For the value and benefit of the IOTA Membership, the data collected from ISORA will power the IOTA Tax Administration Platform (TIP). TIP will provide the Membership with direct access to general tax administration data for IOTA countries to support a general overview of the membership on key parameters, facilitate quantitative analysis and advance good practice. The TIP will be available to IOTA countries with data from the 2016 collection round by April 2017.