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Montenegrin Campaign To Combat the Gray Economy: "Be Responsible. It Is up to You. Grey Economy 0%"

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In the competition for the best project from 33 countries worldwide, affirming citizen involvement in public policies, campaign "Be Responsible. It Is up to You. Grey Economy 0%" has won the second prize of the international Open Government Partnership initiative, at a ceremony held on September 24, in New York.
    This prestigious award was given to the Montenegrin campaign for the contribution in promoting cooperation between civilian and public sector and the active involvement of citizens in public policy.
    The campaign "Be Responsible. It Is up to You. Grey Economy 0%" is implemented within the project "Citizen Involvement in the Fight Against the Grey Economy", which is implemented in cooperation with the Government of Montenegro, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with the support of British Embassy in Podgorica.
    Citizens have the opportunity to indicate the irregularities in area of grey economy through a website, Android and iOS apps "Be Responsible" and by calling a Call Center of Tax Administration (19707) and the Directorate for Inspection.
    Citizens, who report failure to issue fiscal receipts as well as illegal work by calling the Call Center of Tax Administration, will have the opportunity to vote for the offered suggestions. Money founds raised will be invested in the proposal with the most votes and thus will be diverted from the grey economy to specific socially useful purposes.
    In accordance with the regulations of the project, a short list of citizens' initiatives has been established based on the following criteria:

GENERAL SOCIAL IMPORTANCE - It is necessary that the project is an investment in a field of general interest.

SUSTAINABILITY - It is necessary that competent public institution, able to ensure the sustainability of the proposed initiative, confirm willingness to support and implement the proposed investment in clearly defined deadlines and within estimated budget.

EQUAL REPRESENTATION OF REGION - the final list of proposed projects is made taking into account equal regional representation of projects.

Six months after launching the campaign, inspection services handed down over €500,000 fine, upon reports of citizens. That provided enough funds for procurement of medical equipment for the Institute of Children's Diseases equipping of day care centers for children and youth with developmental disabilities arranging the park, reconstruction of a part of the Home for Elderly and the purchase of educational tools for public kindergartens in Montenegro.