New app and services of the Spanish Tax Agency for Personal Income Tax Campaign

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Under the motto “advancing with you” the Personal Income Tax Campaign started in Spain with the launching of an app.

From 15th March the new app of the Spanish Tax Agency is available to citizens to start preparing their Personal Income Tax (PIT) return, to be submitted from 4th April and onwards.

The app, downloadable from Google and Apple markets for Android and iOS devices, allows consulting the fiscal data that the Tax Agency has of the taxpayer and submitting the PIT return of fiscal year 2017.

In the case of the simplest declarations, taxpayers will be able to confirm the pre-populated  return in just one click. For modifications or more complex declarations, the app will connect with the Rentaweb system (online declaration from the Electronic Office).

More than 4,850,000 taxpayers may benefit from this app to submit their return in just one click.

“We call you” service

Eligible taxpayers can ask for a phone appointment and the Tax Agency will call them back on the agreed date and time to help them complete their PIT return.



This facility allows taxpayers calculating online the due tax (or tax refund) without entering in the electronic office just for information. In case they want to submit the return they must enter the electronic office with any of the identification systems and use the Rentaweb system.


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