New Director General at the Albanian Tax Administration

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Mrs Delina Ibrahimaj  has been appointed the new Director General of the Albanian Tax Administration.

Mrs. Delina Ibrahimaj studied International Economics at Bocconi University in Milano, Italy.  She holds a PhD in Banking and Finance Management from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. 
Between 2010 and 2015, she worked in the National Bank of Albania. Later she was appointed to hold a Coordinator position at the Prime Ministry, where she offered her expertise to create an integrated system for government information and operational statistics.
In the last 3 years, from November 2016 to July 2019, she served as Director General in the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT).

Mrs. Ibrahimaj has great experience in project management, interacting with donors and other institutional actors of the field, and due to her active involvement in private sector management she possesses excellent knowledge in organizational and financial reports. 
She has contributed to important publications and studies in the field of Economics and Finance as author and co-author. Mrs. Ibrahimaj is married and a mother of two.