New International Taxation Expert on board

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Today is a great plus one news day. IOTA Secretariat is happy to announce a new colleague on board. Oksana Stepanenko joined our team as an International Taxation Expert on 21st March 2022.

Oksana started her professional career more than 20 years ago in the State Tax Administration of Ukraine working in the international tax cooperation area. At the early stage of her career, she worked as a translator/interpreter in the International Relations Department and then switched to work as a Chief Tax Inspector dealing with international exchange of tax information. As a member of the international team, she was also responsible for the cooperation with international organizations, bilateral tax cooperation, European integration of Ukraine, international technical assistance projects and tax treaties. Her career gradually developed to the Head of International Cooperation Division with overall responsibility for international matters.    

Oksana has one of the longest IOTA PCP experiences. She started cooperation with IOTA since 2004, when Ukraine established first contacts with IOTA and was directly responsible for making all necessary arrangements to prepare Ukraine’s full membership in IOTA in 2006. Oksana acted as Shadow PCP since 2006 and PCP since 2018 promoting IOTA in the STS and among other institutions in Ukraine. She played one of the key organizer’s roles when Ukraine hosted Large Taxpayer Forum in 2013 and General Assembly in 2017.

In the area of international exchange of information Oksana participated in many international trainings on EOI, prepared guidelines and procedures for the STS officials on the use of EOI. She was directly involved in the preparation of Ukraine’s joining of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information in 2013. Oksana was a contact point in the State Tax Service of Ukraine for the implementation of AEOI standard. Under her supervision as the Head of the Working Group on AEOI implementation, an Action Plan to implement AEOI was developed in 2021. Since 2019 through February 2022, she was acting as a competent authority for EOIR.      

Oksana is highly experienced in organising, participating, and moderating events and dealing with the different stakeholders. She is used to working in a public sector and international environment, cooperating with the separate needs of partners coming from different countries.

Her role in IOTA Secretariat will include coordination of ISORA data portal, technical assistance and organization of IOTA events.  She has degrees in linguistics and international law. 

Welcome Oksana in the team, we are looking forward to working with you!